When the Angel Sings

Life. It is meant to be lived. I am pretty sure that I read that somewhere. Somewhere along the lines of life, setting suns, lingering heat, jumping in puddles, singing in the rain took on a new meaning to me. There have always been birds in nature, filling the air with song, except now – I can hear the words. Listen carefully, with nary a whisper, just in case the angel in the garden starts to sing along. I embrace the beauty through the eyes of the season because perception is everything. I can hear the symphony shouting out as the days pass into the sunshine of life, even though I know, that all too soon, this summer weather will flee, leaving the autumn behind. Behold! The maple tree is all aglow with color.

104816609_10158617073773832_3803584703420929237_n (1).jpg

The beauty of nature is simplicity at its best. You never really miss it, until it becomes unavailable to you. Don't wait to miss it, enjoy and appreciate these gifts as they are given to you. I was missing you tonight, but, that is not the same thing, is it? Sometimes you have a special gift and you don't even realize it. Never take life for granted, especially when it is so good to you, and never waste a beautiful relationship over proving a point. Because your arrogance won't keep you warm at night. I can honestly say that some days, taking the high road isn't so bad. You may even learn a new path. I choose to see the best of possibilities, because otherwise, what's the point?


You too, can bloom like a flower. You are just as beautiful as they are when you show your true colors. May there always be a flowerin your life to color your world. #alwaysaflower

Golden Flower.png

In keeping with the Christmas Countdown, I give you one seasonal picture and the day count! There are 73 days 00 hours 33minutes and 27 seconds. Hack!


Not any scent, in particular, she has her own and it is so very individual. For me, the fragrance that is left behind from a Chrysanthemum brings me back home, to my own mother. It may sound funny, but that very thing makes my soul nourished in the very essence of her love.


All I have are my words, armed in my mind, written in pen, stand by stand. Oh, yes. Still by hand. It has a different feel. Altered not by keys, backspace, and delete, I write, erase, tear it to pieces and start all over again. And again.

It’s my way. I walk out to the deep end of the page and dive right in.


Unconditional love, forever and a day.

There is something about this bond, so very special yet, it has no price, you cannot buy it, borrow or even steal it. They are usually the first source that teaches you to have confidence and believe in yourself.





The Naming of Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.

TS Elliot

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I was once asked if I believed/believe in love at first site. I do; each time I first laid eyes on my newborn children.

I think that is probably one of the most beautiful answers I've ever had to that question. Most people take an incident where they saw a girl or guy that they were attracted to instantly, but I don't think I have honestly heard a man say that. Thank you. I have no idea why, but that actually made my day. Perhaps because it touched just the right place in my heart. Have a great day, Victor!

Nature is always the best healer as it helps us forget about our worries and just be in the moment. 73 days until Christmas ...yoohooo time flies so fast!

Doesn't it though? I still cannot believe how fast it is coming at us!

Nature is one of the best healers that I know of, just being in the moment. You and her. The overwhelming feeling of peace touches my soul at times like that.

I hope all is well with you and that you are living in your own peaceful existence there.

I am doing great! I am renovating my place and I am caught up a bit in it so I actually thought about walking in nature this week-end to reconnect with myself. I am peaceful and I am well and I do wish you the same, it is wonderful to take life as it is and live it!

Absolutely! I have to agree with you... and it is going to be another summer-like weekend still, so I am enjoying the most I can out of nature, maybe even the sun and sand. ( I am at my other house on the shore, so it is literally right here)

I think everyone needs to reconnect now and then, setting the meter back a bit. Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Have an awesome weekend too and enjoy your staying at the sea, catching a little bit of sunshine!

Lovely words and pictures, @dswigle! Oh wow, are we now in Christmas countdown? I need to get with it! Ha ha.

Can you believe how little time there really is? Factor in the point that shipping is not at its premium and some things are on backorder forever and I would say that I'm starting to shop already because of that. But mostly on the hard to find items. I don't want to go overboard and be that lunatic that's running around Christmas shopping in August. I will save it last year they were items that I never got because of the shipping and it promise to be a little worse this year. Anyway it's not the gifts but it's all about so I'm not worried too much about it. It's the people I have surrounding me and that's what really pleases me. Good morning from here!

A beautiful post as always

Dang I am not ready fir Halloween yet and your Christmas countdown is going strong lol

Last year was challenging and there was nothing normal about it. This year, the shipping of items and the availability, it will also be a little bit challenging , so I am cutting my losses in getting what I need, or early because the first item that I ordered in September is backordered until the end of November. So I'm taking that off my list. Not only will it not come until November but it has to be shipped out to somewhere else as a gift. I feel like outgoing gifts will be at a minimum and although I could get it there faster by shipping it right to their house , what is the fun in that? They can call up and order the item themselves. I know, I know, the way I think is probably a little off but Christmas is supposed to be different than putting in an order when gifted and having it sent to their house in little Christmas bags. I can't believe I just said that. Getting up with the times, this is the way it's done but I still like to decorate my gifts in a way that is not consistent with Amazon. Anyway, aren't you glad that you asked? Oh wait! You didn't. But I just thought I'd let you know. Good morning and I hope you are having a most fabulous day.

Lol I didn’t ask but I am glad fir a fleeting moment you thought I did

And I do agree with you it’s not the same direct from Amazon

And now you have me thinking I need to get started now

Have a great day

Chop chop! Starting isn't such a bad idea, this way you can take your time. I have a feeling but 95% of everybody is going the Amazon route this year as they did last year. The stores are not carrying the merchandise that they once did.

I noticed that yesterday when I went to the mall to get new shoes
Some stores looked so bare

They are bare! I went to DSW shoe store which is a majorly large store with lots of inventory. They had plenty (okay some) however, their shoes have been replaced with athletic shoes and tennis shoes.

Seriously! I had been looking for a pair of sandals and there weren't any! Or shoes! How disappointing. With so many telecommuting, there is no need to dress up! :(

Yeah it’s crazy times for sure

Lovely words lovely post and it's all happening to fast :)

Don't you think it's happening a little fast? I have to say that I was actually thinking of people like you when I wrote it because you are going to be shipping some of your things I would have to guess. Unless your whole entire family is going to rent a plane and come and see you. Lol Anyway, the shipping over here is probably going to be slower than normal. I can tell you that something that I ordered last month won't be here until November but manufacturing is slow also. So unless you were carrying your own or not buying Christmas I guess you're all good. But wait, I think I know a little better. I'm not going crazy because after all, the most important gift is already surrounding me. My family is all that I need but just in case I go a little crazy I want to make sure that it gets done in a timely manner. Just for this year. Good morning from here! I hope you're having an amazing day!

I can honestly say that some days, taking the high road isn't so bad. You may even learn a new path.

Or carve your own. 🙂
Have a wonderful day.

Carving your own path seems like a good idea, but just remember there are days where you just might need a machete. Good morning from here and I hope that you are having a wonderful day, there in Hungary!

Hive on!

Nowadays I need a whole arsenal, not just/only a machete, but there are good people, who help me. You are one of them. Thank you.

I give you some !PIZZA and !LUV.
Have a nice day. All the best.






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And a picture paints a thousand words. The love between mother and daughter has been beautifully captured Denise. The type of painting I would love to do......

Thank you so much! I don't think that you can duplicate the authenticity of the love between a mother and child. It doesn't have the same look, it is special between them, in my opinion. I would love to see your rendition of a mother's love because you have a way of looking at things, deep and true, if you will. Thank you for taking so much time to peruse my writing and I need to make the time to get around the platform. Have you found where I can buy some more time yet? Oh wait oh, I heard you were looking for more time also. LOL I hope that you have an amazing day and that it is going to be winding down for you soon.

And how we never seem to have enough time!

If I could buy us more time, I would!

As the years whirl by, it seems Christmases get closer and closer. It's not that I would mind Christmas all the time for sure, but we only get so many.

I've always loved that angel bird bath. What I would like to know is, what is that interesting looking orange thingy behind it.

Family love.... the most important thing.

This is exactly what I have been saying before I got to read yours. Much as I love Christmas in making it special for others and those around me, it really doesn't matter all that much as long as I have my family. Family is the be all to get all.

I can't even explain why I love the little angel. She used to have a pedestal long ago and far away and it that broken, so now, I said her in one of the gardens going up my front walk and I left the ground cover grow around her. Now and then I put water in it and now and again it leaks and goes all the way. This is a small reminder that I really need to fix that. Anyway, the orange or terracotta as it is, thing that is in the back of it, is actually a pot and sometimes I put plants in it and they grow out and it looks pretty and sometimes I just leave it empty. See? It's really nothing. Thank you so much for stopping by and always leaving your words. Have an amazing day, because today is it day off, isn't it?

I love all the Christmas bells and whistles, but if there ever was a time where they could not be had, as long as my family was still around me, it would still be wonderfully Christmas. We have the best time when we are together.

I love all things terracotta. So earthy and natural looking. From the bit of yours I can see, it does look like it could stand alone as a garden art scupture, plant or no plant.

I feel exactly the same. It is the family that makes my existence so amazingly happy and I cannot think of a single time that we have done together that has not been a great time for everybody.

The terracotta pot is laying down, and I have to say that I probably got many of my pots either at Garden Ridge in San Antonio or I think it was actually considered Schertz and the other half in Europe because everything terracotta different over there. Okay, I admit it, I just love terracotta! Oh my gosh would you look at that?? It's lunch time. I could hear the Bell go off! So, what's on the menu?

If you don't get up till 9:30, it is not lunch time yet. I'm still content from breakfast and am still slowly sipping coffee as I play around. LOL !

I stayed up till about 2:30 last night (this morning???). In all my cleaning out and the such, I finally had some space in this room that would be normal folks 2nd bedroom. My work space is in one corner on one side of the room where I can see out the only window and my personal computer desk is on the other side of the window. That takes up one whole wall. The other side was still stacked with "stuff" and now almost all of that is resolved, which left an open space. OPEN SPACE ??? Oh no.... so all along I was wondering, do I put up my single wooden sleigh bed that I love love LOVE.... or do I bring the storage shelves back that took over my sweet prissy space behind my bedroom and take back that space for prissy stuff??... alas, in the middle of the night, the congas came back out for the first time since I lived here.... 4 years. Looks like the sleigh bed and storage shelves loose out.

I need a bigger room !

Noooooo! You gave up the sleigh bed again!??

You have open space? That is right up there with buying more time! I want in! How did you do that?

I was working so I never noticed what time it was, but, I sure was hungry when I wrote you, the first time. I made a giant salad and a bacon cheeseburger. Yum! Now, I probably won't eat dinner, but, that is okay.

You will have to take a picture of your new room. :) I want to see what space looks like. Do you think your uncle will let you put up an addition so you can have a place for that sleigh bed?

Alas.... I think I won't offer to spend thousands on an add on just to put up one single bed....LOL... Who knows, maybe I will figure out how to make both happen... maybe.

The space is not open anymore....lol.... but congas will be fun to play with. I have already tapped a few rhythms a time or two when I walked by.

I can see the fun in them!!! Sounds like you need a five-bedroom house to spread out your fun stuff. I keep on cleaning closets and my storage room, but, I think that I have gotten rid of everything I can part with for now~

Thank you for the beautiful words and photos, @dswigle!
Christmas is just around the corner!

For me, it's more than that because I don't live near any of my family, my brothers and sisters and so a lot of mine has to be shipped. I can't bear to call Amazon and let them do it. That just feels without spirit and without having me put my final loving touches on it. I know it's silly but everybody in my family can call up Amazon and order it themselves and so there has to be something special I can do that they can't. That's the way I feel and that doesn't make it right but that's just the way I do it. In the end, if I can't do it the way I want, nobody will be upset because we have each other's love. And that's all that counts.

Yeah. I agree. I have received presents that way, and boy, it makes you feel less!
So have it shipped to you, do the necessary touches to make it more from Denise, and ship it again.
It's not a bother when it comes to presents!

That is exactly what I do, which is why I start early. ;)

really a very thoughprovoking post..
I like every word of ut, especially - "Never take life for granted"
how often people forget about it, and onlt when they lose what they had, they understood how much they had and didn't appreciate it..

And I had one more idea that opens your words more - how careless we are often to our BODIES. It's home for our soul, it's our "cover", and our organism is trying to do its best to keep LIFE and ENERGY insode of us. If we think deeper, how huge work is being done every day and every minute by our body to let us live, we will be shocked. We just don't notice it and don't think of it at all. But we should. it gives us understanding of how priceless every moment of our life is...

thanks for the post that let me think of it again!

Every moment that passes is one that we will never get back again. So true! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment!

I appreciate it!


Thank you for the vote! It is much appreciated!

Wow, lovely photography.

Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful day!

beautiful flowers and have a great day

Thank you so much for your words and I wish you a most wonderful day.

Life. It is meant to be lived.

To quote my favourite line from Netflix's Anne with an E, "It is not what we get out of life, but what we put into it." Living life does not mean being passive and receiving whatever comes, but it is more like being active participants and creating the life you want to live.✨

Exactly. Thanks for stopping by.

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I am always enjoying the beauty of the nature and watching it whenever i get opportunity for exploring it. Love always should be unconditional and its always build up more strong relationships.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as nature and I'm glad that you make opportunities to explore it. I agreed that love should be unconditional, however there are some things that break the trust of love.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated!