The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 54-ish w/ TheyCallMeDan & Starkerz (Part 1)

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If you aren't excited about what's going on with this blockchain....Check your pulse!

Project after project, application after application and development after development....Hive truly is the best kept secret in crypto.

But if these guys have anything to do with it, it won't be a secret for long ;)

In today's episode, @taskmaster4450 and yours truly got to hang out again with the leadership team behind the SPK Network and of course @threespeak

@theycallmedan and @starkerz stopped by to go over all the development taking place with the launch of SPK and of course, addressed the elephant in the room....The 3 month count down for the snapshot of their claim drop!

The LARYNX mining token will be 'claim dropped' to all Hive holders on a 1:1 ratio!

We went over a TON of information so I've broken the video recording into 2 parts, as I'll upload part 2 tomorrow :)

Hope you guys enjoy the show as much as we did hosting it, what a time to be on Hive!!!

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A lot of the conversation went over my head, but the parts I did understand were exciting! !BEER

The best thing about everything being developed on Hive...We can use it. So while we may not understand it all and how it all works, we can load up Keychain and actually use the apps :)

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

That is normal. It takes time to get a lot of what is taking place. None of us understand it all.

What is important is there is something that understands each part. We are now seeing things grow because we have some qualified people taking some initiative in different areas.

This is very exciting.

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I've gotten to the point of where I can't keep up with everything going on on Hive and you know what... THAT'S FREAKIN AWESOME! There's always new stuff to learn, new projects to support and countless options to now provide value while earning at the same time. That's the beautiful thing about Hive compared to many other blockchains.

So true man...It's hard to keep up but that just means there are so many options.

I love it, such an amazing place to build!

That is what a chain is suppose to be. We have to get more people with their ear to the ground sharing what is going on.

It is what excites those who are here and also informs everyone of the possibilities that are taking place.

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I am also surprised people haven't moved to Web 3 yet either. They should just move off those big tech platforms...and I should too but I can't seem to get away from youtube.

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People are comfortable with what they are doing. It is only after they see others massively gaining that they decide to make the jump. This will be great for everyone.

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As a consumer, YouTube is great. As a creator, I wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole lol

This is really mind-blowing. To see how far HIVE has come over the last year and a half is almost hard to believe. From Defi (Cub and LEO) to now diesel pools everywhere. Play2Earn with #Splinterlands, #dCrops, #dCity, #Exode, #ApeMining, etc. had users literally numbered in the 100's now well over 1 Million, an #NFTShowroom, #ProjectBlank upcoming, and now #3Spk and everything they will bring to the table. Not to mention all the new tribes and communities that have been created and grown...there's just so much happening under this umbrella that it really is only a matter of time until it absolutely explodes into the mainstream.

It used to be you were keeping your ears open for the next and latest opportunity. Now it's pretty much all about keeping your head down and staying consistent with what you do. There's just too much to stay on top of.

Fortunately, HIVE is the common denominator among all these things so....gotta keep building the bags.

Great interview as always. Looking forward to the 2nd half...

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Thanks so much for the comments :)

Yeah there is so much going on, but that's the best part about Hive...You find the stuff or tribes that cater to you, and plug right in!

Though is always great been here we the aspect of we learning everyday

It's all starting to come together nicely!

There is a lot happening for sure it's a lot to take in great job sharing the info have the best day @jongolson

You too man, thanks for swinging by!

Sounds really cool.

Cant now don't imagine the long-term impact. I have some ideas but who knows how it will turn out :)

Think it's going to be massive impact down the road , especially the SIP!

Blown away by the SON concept. Like Mr Trump say this is gonna be YUUUGE

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Very interesting the base features that will be available to communities. Voting to add a certain tag to a post (like nsfw), even if the author didn't add it. Wouldn't have crossed my mind.

Yeah and I'm sure once it's developed and launched, there will be so any more things added that we haven't even began to understand!

Found this on the @archon-mining daily digest! Listening now, looks like its going to be a great one.

Awesome man, hope you enjoy it!

Just finished watching the full podcast. This is another great one guys. There are so many moving parts in Spk Network. They are leveraging multiple technologies to create one of the most unique tech.

Really excited about the claimdrop. Stacking Hive as much as I can. 🚀✌

Thanks for checking it out, I'm trying to upload the second half tonight but having some issues. I'll try to get it up tomorrow :)

Wow Trending! I guess it helps to have the right people on your show! That is awesome. This is so deserved for you folks. You do so much great stuff for many of the communities!

Appreciate that man, thanks for the comments. Yeah it's an honor to have these guys on our shows. Blessed to be a part of this community :)

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