LeoPodcast: Interview With StakeCube | Evolving With the Crypto Industry, Building Incredible Products & Journey to Top 100

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The evolution of the crypto industry can be tough to keep up with. Whether you're a developer or a user of various products, everything is moving at a 100x pace compared to the outside world.

Such is the nature of technology and that is further accelerated by all of the incredible talent that is in this industry already and keeps flowing in day-by-day.

On this episode of the podcast, we had Derek from StakeCube join the show to talk about their project.

StakeCube started in June 2018 as a Proof of Stake Pool and fork of Dash/Bitcoin Core. Today, they have 20+ team members and are actively growing the offerings of StakeCube with the launch of V3 right around the corner.

I really enjoyed this episode and it was great to talk to Derek about what StakeCube is building now and in the future. They're actively expanding and evolving with the crypto industry and their KPIs are tracking right along with the growth of the whole industry.

StakeCube Links:

LeoFinance Marketing is really heating up. We've already got several podcasts like this one recorded with some great guests lined up each week. Shoutout to our newest team member Alex who has taken the reins on generating leads for the podcast, reaching out and organizing all of the guests. The show couldn't be done without him pulling all the strings and making connections every single day!

As we expand the team, we've been able to handle a growing number of initiatives all aimed at growing LeoFinance as a platform and community.

This is just the beginning of a new era for LeoFinance! Creating a content library of podcasts/podcast clips and networking with all of these amazing guests like Derek is one of the many trails we're blazing forward to buidl LeoFinance 🦁🚀

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Amazing discussion.Everyone have starting point, whoever that started the journey and had no experience of crypto dump on him or her is a joker. I started the crypto journey almost same time as Derek in 2017 though I didn't bought XRP.

I never knew stakecube had masternode before getting to mining and enter into DeFi & NFT and with your small team, you achieve this, great stuff. Masternode like Derek mentioned is collateralized, you deposit and lock it up and your payment/reward is pegged to block time.. Great stuff to generate passive income via masternode,

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Yeah it sucks that having a great industry filled with opportunity also accompanies bad actors who will take advantage of new entrants:

Master nodes are super interesting. I do really enjoy the collateralization concept

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I have been using Stakecube since it launched and remember the hack that hit the platform quite hard. It was however handled responsibly and effectively. The project has continued to grow and gain further adoption which is awesome.

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All great platforms have been hacked in their history!

Bitcoin, ETH, Thorchain… hacks are something to relentlessly to avoid but also provide pivotal moments in your project. I believe the same happened for LEO about 12 months ago when WLEO was hacked

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True there have been many hacks but some never recovered or returned. How it is handled is very important. Maintaining trust is pivotal.

It's very nice and pretty. It is highly appreciated and encouraging. Since I joiithe community I never regretted but happy for meeting new challenges and restructuring my life.
Thank you very much. Is appreciated.

Thank you very much and above all your big favour is highly apprechated. Once again, thank sir

Good stuff stake cube is pretty solid I've been playing around with it for the last few months and earning a bit on Bitcoin etc while there.

Yeah I had a great time doing this interview! I learned a lot about what they’re building and I think there’s some interesting insight to be gleaned. They’re a similar project to us in that they are constantly changing the direction of their ship to match the changing winds of Crypto as an industry

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One of the most important aspects of any business. Being able to pivot, adjust and continue to build as things change. A stagnate business is a dead business.

I didn't have time to watch the interview, but please be aware they, the stakecube, didn't have the courage to decline listing Hive, they simply claimed they froze any new listings, but they kept on listing new projects. What's funny, people behind social media accounts didn't know about it and they still encouraged people to enter their listing procedure via discord.
I am a stakecube user I would like to use my Hive there.